railways cafe
food, drink and hospitality

Full steam ahead for Railways, the (not-so-little) restaurant that could

Railways restaurant is more than just the story of a guy with a monkey on his back (literally), it’s an epic tale that transcends the mundane.

finances and funding

Banting Baker Gigi: How this stuntwoman flipped to ruling a keto empire

This queen of keto is a badass business warrior who pulled off the greatest entrepreneurial stunt of all: HYPERGROWTH during lockdown!


Yoco Meets | Women in Business: Thriving as Underdogs

At our Yoco Meets dedicated to women in business, these inspiring entrepreneurs shared their tips for beating the odds and thriving as an underdog.


It’s Time to Grow. Announcing our Series C Funding Round!

We are proud to announce that we have secured over R1.2 billion in funding. A big step towards realising our vision of Open Commerce.

MBV emporium
retail businesses

MBV Emporium: a dream shop filled with conversation starters

Vanessa Govender’s MBV Emporium is the manifestation of her lifelong passion for collecting and sharing beauty, thriving no matter the odds!


How to use colour psychology in e-commerce to boost sales

Colour psychology has long been used to convey brand personality and influence customers by evoking specific emotions. Here’s our crash course on how to take advantage of the power of colour to boost your e-commerce sales.

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yoco payment link

Yoco Payment Link: Get paid online in 4 easy steps, no website required!

business Valentine's Day

5 ways to show your business the love this Valentine’s Day

Branding on receipts produced buy the Yoco Point of Sale app.

Yoco Point of Sale: Customisable Receipts

A business owner working alongside his employee.

The new minimum wage and how it affects your business

Tech and tools for your business.

Tools for your business

Boniface Chikwenhere of Unique Driftwood Creations.

Growing Unique Driftwood Creations with Yoco Capital

How to pivot your food business during COVID-19

black friday

Black Friday for small businesses: is it a win or woe?

A barista in an article about increasing tips the Yoco way.

How to increase your tips – the Yoco way

Biltong Rules SA selling at a market in Durban.

How to start a market stall

An image of a map and compass in an article about finding business advice and guidance.

Where to find business advice, guidance and inspiration

Part 2: Looks fade. Personalities don’t.

An image of a card in an article about preventing credit card fraud.

How to prevent credit card fraud in your small business

Flip your marketing strategy in time for silly season | Part 1

How to grow your small business with Yoco Capital

An image of South Africa rand notes in an article about small business funding.

Access to small business funding online

Christmas decorations in an article about preparing your business for the festive season.

Get your small business ready for the festive season

Two people have a cup of coffee in a business mentor meeting.

How to find and approach the right business mentor

Why your business needs to start accepting card payments.

5 reasons your business should accept credit card payments in South Africa


5 social media marketing tools for entrepreneurs

An image of an old typewriter in an article about financial inclusion.

Small business and financial inclusion in South Africa

covid-19-stay connected-1200x675

How to stay connected through the COVID-19 outbreak


Support Small: will you join the movement?

working from home

7 tips for boosting your morning routine while working from home

win with woo-yoco-1200x675

Learn how to build, run, and grow a profitable online store | Win With Woo

An image of Mandisa Mjamba, a software developer on Open by Yoco.

How Mandisa Mjamba made her career in Tech

Bloom Conference: women in creative entrepreneurship

Getting the most out of your Yoco Point of Sale.

Getting the most from your Yoco Point of Sale

Yoco Meets on Remo: a how-to guide that’ll boost your event networking

An image of a Yoco merchant pairing their device in article about the cheapest data bundles.

The cheapest data bundles for Yoco merchants

8 things to consider before you start building an online store

yoco khumo

6 reasons why the Yoco Khumo is right for your small business

e-commerce metrics

7 e-commerce metrics to learn and use for your online store

online engagement

How to use online engagement to drive sales for your offline business

card payments

5 things to consider before signing up with Yoco