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For the Sophisticated: Orejen entrepreneur story

People have a lot in common with one another. More than cynics would have you believe, anyway. As a result, it’s possible to find success by focussing on what we share rather that what separates us. This way of thinking saw the birth of Orejen; a business offering a one-of-a-kind


For the Divine: Yo Coco entrepreneur story

There’s something that drives the lead character of every story. Sine Ndlela’s motivations are far more wholesome than a burning desire for success; the Yo Coco founder is forging a dairy-free path to the peak of the ice cream game, serving love with every scoop. “My purpose, I believe, is


For the Defiant: Walk Fresh entrepreneur story

Lethabo Mokoena is grinding and grafting to ensure that South Africa can Walk Fresh. If he has his way, the future of township communities is brighter than a pair of white All Stars straight out of his shop. “We created something that wasn’t there. Do you get that? Sneaker cleaning


Innovative water-saving tips from Baseline Coffee

In times of crisis, you find out what people are really made of. As South Africa’s water reserves dwindle, we’ve all had to cut down on water usage. Though things are looking better than they were a couple of months ago, we haven’t won yet. A major part of the success


Entrepreneur Story: Beerhouse

Starting a business is a risk, but you’ve got to dive in head first. Nobody understands this better than Randolf Jorberg who founded Beerhouse, after visiting a beer bar in Heidelberg, Germany. The brand is at the forefront of innovation, from the systems they use to the way they think


Yoco Meets: Connecting entrepreneurs

Over the past 6 months we have hosted entrepreneurs and small business owners for a different kind of event. The kind that allows you to share your journey while learning from others. The kind that allows you to connect and trade with the people in different industries. What is Yoco

Women entrepreneurs

Infographic: Celebrating women entrepreneurs in the Yoco family

Entrepreneurship is still a very male-dominated occupation. In South Africa only 19% of all business owners are female. The country currently leading the way, globally, is Uganda where 34.8% of business owners are female. Read more in the 2017 Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs. Based on these numbers we’re incredibly

Ground Art Caffe on small business finances

How Ground Art Caffe saves time and simplifies their finance management

This past month we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of small business finance. We created a cash-flow template for businesses just getting started and we’ve pulled together an infographic to help growing businesses understand fundraising. We also asked the experts to share their insights in an SME-finance Twitterchat.


Making the great escape: Meet ex-accountant Stratis Kouvdis

Put down the sudoku, the Sunday crossword puzzle and whatever the latest puzzle you have on your phone is. It’s time to step it up a notch and become your very own Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond. Hashtag Escape, Johannesburg’s biggest adventure game, was founded by Stratis Kouvdis and Chris Tsatsarolakis