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Expanding a startup using startups

I’ve never met anyone who said they don’t want to support a small business or buy local goods. And yet, few people actually do. Why is this? Often it’s because it’s not as easy to find a small business, their marketing budgets are minute in comparison to the big players,


Meet the Humans of Yoco: The Product Team

“Our team does not write code, we build solutions. We have a team of people who would throw out the best piece of code ever written in favour of building the best solution to meet the needs of our customers.” – Lungisa Matshoba, CTO and co-founder. This quote from Lungisa


Meet Yoco’s Finance Team

We know that as a small business your cash flow is like water to your business – you need it to be healthy for your survival. Being a growing business ourselves, we thought it would be useful to share a bit about how we approach our Finances here at Yoco.


Meet the Data Team

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” – Sherlock Holmes As a business owner, having as much information as possible will allow you to make smarter day to day and long term decisions. But this is often easier said than done – gathering, organising and making

Growth team

The Growth Team

The ‘Yoco record’ for fastest online signup by a customer is 3 minutes and 38 seconds. [Side note: If you would like to see if you can do it faster, head over to] There are very few payments companies who can boast that their on-boarding process is this fast,

yoco people team

Meet the Humans of Yoco: The People Team

“We are building the best possible environment for our people to succeed. The team and its diverse background are the cornerstones of our competitive advantage at Yoco, the secret sauce under the hood.” – Katlego Maphai, Yoco co-founder and CEO You might be wondering – what’s a “People” team? Basically,

Yoco Support team

Meet the Humans of Yoco: The Support Team

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you know how important every sale is. We understand this very well at Yoco because we’re a start up business ourselves. That’s why we’ve expanded on the traditional way of doing inbound support to include reaching out to customers when they experience issues

Katlego at Startup grind

Katlego at Startup Grind: Top 3 takeaways

Last night (6 February 2017) Katlego Maphai took the stage to chat to Guillaume De Smedt on what he’s learnt starting and growing Yoco. Topics ranged from living out of his dad’s house in the early days to lessons learnt trying to raise series A capital. Let’s take a look at the top 3 takeaways. 1. Play


Yoco and Digicape: 4 tips for selling your products on consignment

With business growth comes expansion. A great way to expand and get your product out there is to sell on consignment at retail stores. At Yoco we’ve recently partnered with Digicape and started selling our card readers at their branch in Gardens, Cape Town. It’s been a great experience for