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insights and advice

Find insights and advice to help you start, grow and run your business.

insights and advice

Starting a business: getlion shares 5 tips to keep in mind

CEO of getlion, Mathew Marsden, shares some invaluable advice for entrepreneurs who are newly embarking on their business journey – or looking to reinvigorate it.

insights and advice

10 tips: using social media for customer service this Black Friday

Social media customer service has never been more important – Black Friday is looming, and customers are increasingly flocking online for support. We’ll look at 10 tips to make sure your business nails it!

insights and advice

Meet the Yoco Neo: here are 10 things you should know

Introducing the Yoco Neo – our next-generation card machine that stands alone. Say goodbye to complexity and #HelloNeo.

insights and advice

Social media marketing: our one-stop guide for getting started

Thanks to social media, connecting with, and converting, your audience is easier than ever. We’ll walk you through the golden rules of social media marketing so that every single post works hard for your brand.

insights and advice

8 essential ingredients for a successful online store

Conquering the e-commerce space relies on multiple factors. We discuss the 8 ingredients that’ll set you up for online success.

insights and advice

6 basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips for beginner bloggers

Search engine optimisation is essential if you want your blog to generate high numbers of organic traffic. While the topic is broad and complex, these 6 tips show how easy it is to get started in improving your blog’s SEO.

insights and advice

How to use colour psychology in e-commerce to boost sales

Colour psychology has long been used to convey brand personality and influence customers by evoking specific emotions. Here’s our crash course on how to take advantage of the power of colour to boost your e-commerce sales.

insights and advice

9 top email marketing benefits for small businesses

Finding different ways to engage with your customers is vital, yet can be costly and challenging. Here are some of the most stellar email marketing benefits for small businesses, and why it’s really worth the effort.

finances and funding

Introducing getlion: the ultimate “super-app” for entrepreneurs

We’re proud to introduce our latest Yoco Partner! The App to Start, Manage, and Grow your business – and get Rewarded for doing so.

insights and advice

Yoco Meets on Remo: a how-to guide that’ll boost your event networking

Yoco Meets has moved to an exciting new events networking platform, called Remo. Here’s a quick and easy how-to guide for newcomers, so you can make the most out of every interaction.

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The Yoco founders at the POS launch.

The Yoco Point of Sale Launch

New Year's fireworks in an article about setting up your business for the new year.

Get your business off to the right start in the new year

Tech and tools for your business.

Tools for your business

two women at a Yoco business networking event

Business Networking for Shy Entrepreneurs

The Yoco team celebrating 10 000 merchants.

Growth lessons: 0 to 10k Yoco merchants


5 ways to increase your Black Friday sales

Alistair Barnes from Ballo in his store in Cape Town.

Seeing business differently: how Ballo puts the planet before profit


Support Small: will you join the movement?

Branding on receipts produced buy the Yoco Point of Sale app.

Yoco Point of Sale: Customisable Receipts

An image of Mandisa Mjamba, a software developer on Open by Yoco.

How Mandisa Mjamba made her career in Tech

A Yoco event on business growth hosted by the CCDI.

Top business growth learnings from local entrepreneurs

Yoco at The Stack in Cape Town.

The return of The Stack

A stall for Granadilla Swimwear.

Granadilla Swimwear: In love with summer

The Yoco team at the Happiness Factory.

The Happiness Factory: 5 secrets to sweet success


Social Media: How to Communicate During a Crisis

Geoff Noble of Colombo Coffee in Durban.

5 pieces of advice from Colombo Coffee


Managing a hospitality business during COVID-19

An image of an ethernet switch in an article about internet issues.

A quick guide to troubleshooting internet issues

A Yoco workshop with Google in Durban.

Yoco workshop on digital marketing with Google

Arlene Mulder, cofounder of WeThinkCode_.

Arlene Mulder solves the digital skills gap

A picture of a merchant working on the Business Portal.

Filter and export your sales history

How to use colour psychology in e-commerce to boost sales

A screenshot of a person doing a Google Search.

How to get your business website to the top of Google Search

A photograph of the Yoco data team.

Meet the Yoco Data Team

5 signs you’re ready to open an online store for your business

A business owner working alongside his employee.

The new minimum wage and how it affects your business


Introducing getlion: the ultimate “super-app” for entrepreneurs

The Yoco Product Development team.

Meet the Yoco Product Team

A barista in an article about increasing tips the Yoco way.

How to increase your tips – the Yoco way

An image of a map and compass in an article about finding business advice and guidance.

Where to find business advice, guidance and inspiration

An image of a open store with no customers in an article about beating a sales slump.

Beat a sales slump: Working on yourself

Getting the most out of your Yoco Point of Sale.

Getting the most from your Yoco Point of Sale

Sue van der Linde of Iris House offers five tips for fundraising.

Five fundraising tips from Iris House Founder, Sue van der Linde

The point of sale system at Truth Coffee alongside a Yoco device.

How to choose a Point of Sale system


8 common online shopping problems customers have, and how to remedy them