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What you need to get offered Yoco Capital

Running a business in a country like South Africa has never been as exciting as it is today. You’ll service all kinds of people from different backgrounds who use many languages. Not to mention the never-ending stream of tourists that visit us every year. It’s also an exciting time for


The top 5 ways South African businesses use capital

A big part of running a business is making sure it grows. And a big part of ensuring growth is getting the cash advance to fund it. But it’s important to know what you’re going to do with the money before it shows up in your account. The Small Business


For the Sophisticated: Orejen entrepreneur story

People have a lot in common with one another. More than cynics would have you believe, anyway. As a result, it’s possible to find success by focussing on what we share rather that what separates us. This way of thinking saw the birth of Orejen; a business offering a one-of-a-kind

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Quick tricks to take your business to the next level

Time is of the essence – so we’ll make it quick. We’ve put together 4 simple and easy to implement hacks to help you grow your business. Try them out and let us know the results on Twitter at @Yoco_ZA. Foot Traffic Foot traffic is essential if you have a

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Where to find advice, guidance and inspiration for your business

Most small business owners we speak to say “I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time”. They’re figuring out their businesses, one goal or challenge at a time. It can sometimes feel like there are no places to turn, but good advice is readily available if you know


5 marketing trends to incorporate into your business

Last year saw some exciting developments in the world of marketing, and this year will prove to be no different. I’ve had a look at some of the major marketing trends for the coming year and how you can practically incorporate them into your business. 1. Online reviews Online reviews

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Returning customers: The key to your growth

It’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than to attract a new one. But did you know that returning customers also often bring in more revenue for your business? On a month to month basis, returning customers in coffee shops bring in double the amount of revenue as new customers.


Get your business off to the right start in the new year

New year, new me. Yes, we know it’s cliche. But the start of a new year is a great opportunity to look at your business from a fresh perspective, set your focus and plan for growth. Here are our tips to set yourself up for success and make sure your

Choosing a point of sale

Frequently asked questions when choosing a Point of Sale

Choosing a point of sale system for your business is a big decision. It will become the heart of your business where essential info is created and stored. Here are a few answers to common and not so common questions. We trust it will make finding your dream point of

Business Purpose

Building a business with purpose : 3 SA entrepreneurs to inspire you

It’s essential for every business to have a clear purpose. One that you can easily communicate and everyone can get on board with. A strong, clear purpose will help you: Define your target audience. Attract staff and partners who believe in what you do Maintain focus on core areas Create