Yoco Capital Update in 2018

8th November 2018

Yoco Capital, a unique short-term working solution for small businesses.

Grow your business with a cash advance from Yoco Capital

Over the past year, Yoco has been hard at work developing a unique cash advance solution for our merchants. This was done in response to our research that showed just how hard and time- consuming it is for small businesses to access working capital in South Africa. The answer: Yoco Capital.

Businesses have changing needs over time and often those needs require financing. Yoco Capital gives eligible merchants simple, fast access to finance so that they can move quickly to drive their businesses forward, instead of worrying about where the finance will come from.

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So what makes this a great product?

Speed and simplicity. We start by reviewing your transaction history with Yoco and a cash advance offer is made to you based on sales volumes. To accept an offer, just click on the ‘Capital’ tab in your Business Portal. The application process is quick and painless, requiring no security, collateral or paperwork. On approval, funds are available as soon as the next day.

What about payback?

It’s a breeze. A set percentage of your daily card swipes go towards paying back your cash advance. This means that your payback is directly linked to your business cash flow – so you pay back less on slow trading days and more on busy days. If you don’t trade on that day, there are no penalties or deductions. This one-of-a-kind payback method means there are no penalties if your payback takes longer than expected. There are also no monthly debit orders or unexpected month end costs.

Yoco Capital is here to help our merchants grow by offering simple, fast access to a cash advance, direct from your portal. Our merchants are using their capital for store upgrades and renovations, stocking up on stock or staffing up for the busy season ahead.

In the past month, we’ve assisted over 225 small businesses with access to Yoco Capital, dispersing over R4 million in October alone. This shows that there’s a real need for access to working capital, a need that we’re ready to address.