Is the Neo Touch for you?

20th July 2023

Wondering whether the all-new, drama-free Neo Touch is for you? You’re in the right place.

Before we get into it, picture, if you will, the following scenario: You find your dream couch online. For a RIDICULOUSLY low price, and before your common sense can get a “Wait a second…” in, you’ve donated your old couch to a buddy down the road and have rearranged your lounge in anticipation. Fast forward to the day the courier arrives…carrying a box no bigger than a Steri Stumpi. Inside: a teeny-tiny couch made for mice.

Can you see where we’re going with this? Yup – turns out that reading the fine print before you hand over your hard-earned rands is, like, really important.

To help you decide whether our newest card machine is for you, here’s a guide to the type of business the Neo Touch is built for:

You’ve outgrown the side-hustle label

Moonlighting at a market or selling your wares during lunch at your nine-to-five is now a distant memory. You’ve taken the leap and are all in. In other words, things are getting serious. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on. You need a card machine that makes payments so simple, you don’t have to think about them.

It all comes down to you

If something goes wrong, it’s all on you. And when things go right – and they do! – you have to do the back-patting yourself, too. Because doing and being it all means you need to have eyes on everything, all of the time, there’s simply no time to learn your way around complicated anything. Pared-back, efficient solutions that just…work make your heart sing. In fact, the simpler, the better.

You don’t need POS integration

Point of Sale software is not your jam. Or Fishpaste, RIP. You do business – and do it well –  without the need for Point of Sales software. In fact, the phrase Point of Sales Software hadn’t even crossed your mind until you read this paragraph. We’ll leave it that way.

A handful of people (max) handle payments

Whether you’re a one-person-wonder or have one or two right-hand helpers, you don’t have a sizeable staff who handle a card machine. Put differently, you don’t need separate profiles for every staff member who uses the machine. All you need to do is a way to accept payments, finish en klaar.

You don’t need product cataloguing

You don’t sell numerous different items, or, your goods or services are customised to each individual customer. (Or you get a kick out of tallying up totals in your head.)

You want a standalone card machine

Apps and integrations are just not your thing. You want a device that can accept payments without being attached to an emotional support mobile phone.

Sound familiar? Then the Neo Touch is the card machine that can help you to grow your business (one boring payment at a time). Yay! You can read the full specs. and buy it, here.

Not vibing with the above? It’s all good. If the Neo Touch isn’t quite what you want (or need) from a payment solution, let’s find the one that is! To find your perfect Yoco match, take our very clever – and quick – Product Finder quiz, here.