Yoco’s Festive Gift Guide 

20th December 2023

Shop at a local fave this festive season

Shopping local is shopping big. This year, say no to name-brand stores – unless you’re after Hellman’s (if you know, you know) or Ultramel – and yes to supporting homegrown brands.

As a holiday gift to you, here’s a round-up of a few Yoco merchants to take the guesswork out of gifting. (Plus, all of them can be shopped online.) 🥳

For Chocolate try:

Honest Chocolate 
In the decades I’ve spent on this green earth, I’ve met only two people who claim to loathe chocolate. Both were terrible people. Coincidence? I think not. The point to my random anecdote: almost everyone
likes loves chocolate.

For coffee try:

Sikis Coffee, Cedar Coffee and Rosetta Roastery

The elixir of life. Petrol. The reason I’m a functional human being. Whether you’re looking to impress your date (nudge nudge, wink wink), are having trouble summoning the will to live thanks to an influx of in-laws, or need to banish your babbelas, get your fix from some of our fave local coffee brands.

For drinks try:

M’hudi Wines and Pienaar and Sons

*‘Tis season to be jolly, and what better way to toast the year than with a glass of some of Mzanzi’s finest wine or liquor? From small-batch spirits to vino grown on the country’s first black-owned and family-run wine farms, these local producers are re-writing the rules in their respective industries, one ‘cheers’ at a time.

DIY ceramics

Clay Cafe 

Every family has one of the two: that person who “doesn’t want anything” for Xmas, or the one whose Xmas catchphrase is “It’s just so nice to all be together”.  Book them a table at one of Clay Cafe’s eight stores dotted around the county –  where kids and grownups can eat, paint clay, and hang out somewhere that isn’t a mall.


Baikt Ceramics

A pottery class at Baikt is a chef’s kiss gift for the following three types of people: someone so cool they think saying cool isn’t cool (it’s probably not – I’m ancient and decidedly boring); a budding artist; an individual in seriaas need of a ten-day silent retreat. (But honestly, who has that kind of self-control?)

Local beauty

Amazi Beauty Bar and Sōji 

Who doesn’t love a good pamper? And a pamper with products that are cruelty-free and ethically made? Even better. Gift your skin with a glow-up sans a generous dose of formaldehyde fumes or toxic ingredients.


Plantify and JFF Rooftop Farm

Instead of buying another thing that’ll eventually end up in a landfill, give a gift that’ll last way past the holiday season – the gift of greenery, (Green-thumb dependant).


Beach Cult and Mapula Swim

The love language of sun seekers and pool party aficionados? Swimwear made for South African water babies of all sizes.  Designed and produced on home soil, both Mapula Swim and Beach Cult are making waves (sorry) on beaches from Bantry Bay to Ballito.


Fields and Me and B

Spoil the fashionista in your life with a new fit. Click away from the app that rhymes with ‘resist’ and head to one (or both) of these Yoco merchants who champion the local garment industry, instead of outsourcing to notoriously unethical overseas suppliers. What better excuse for buying some new threads?

*Other things to say no to:

Soap-on-a-rope, socks, and re-gifting the hand-crocheted poncho made by the auntie down the road.

*’Tis also the season of consuming alcohol responsibly. If you’re in the mood to overindulge, may I suggest sneaking a handful of Quality Street while everyone else is fighting over the last chop?