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Ground Art Caffe on small business finances

How Ground Art Caffe saves time and simplifies their finance management

This past month we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of small business finance. We created a cash-flow template for businesses just getting started and we’ve pulled together an infographic to help growing businesses understand fundraising. We also asked the experts to share their insights in an SME-finance Twitterchat.


Making the great escape: Meet ex-accountant Stratis Kouvdis

Put down the sudoku, the Sunday crossword puzzle and whatever the latest puzzle you have on your phone is. It’s time to step it up a notch and become your very own Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond. Hashtag Escape, Johannesburg’s biggest adventure game, was founded by Stratis Kouvdis and Chris Tsatsarolakis

Mbali Rose Hair

Mbali Rose Hair: Where women go to find their crowns

Your hair forms a critical part of your identity. It’s the first thing people notice when you enter the room. It’s your crown. A public symbol of your personal choices. When you start to consider how seriously women take hair care, it’s not surprising that the industry is valued at


Proudly Natural: Meet Kafui Awoonor

When you discover the skin care products you use are anything but caring, you probably go looking for a different product or try another brand. But what happens when all the available products let you down? This is what happened to Kafui Awoonor. She noticed most products on the market

Iris House Children's Hospice

5 Fundraising tips from Iris House Founder, Sue van der Linde

Iris House Children’s Hospice is doing great things. Founded by superhero Sue van der Linde, they’re a charity committed to enriching the lives of special needs children with life threatening illness or life limiting conditions. They do this both through community-based care teams in areas such as Mfuleni and Crossroads,

Mad Giant Beer and Yoco

Learnings from Giants and Madmen

When we asked Eben Uys how he came up with the name ‘Mad Giant’ he looked at us with a crooked smile and explained: “When your dreams are as big as giants you have to be a madman to chase them.” Eben is the type of down to earth guy


Why the My Place Group is going places

Meet Kyle Dods. He’s the mastermind entrepreneur behind the incredibly fast growing company – My Place Group. Kyle started My Place as a holding company that develops product specific food stalls which specialise in doing one food product, deliciously, spectacularly, fantastically well. So far he has 2 tasty retail brands, Sovlaking


Entrepreneur Story: Return of The Stack

Have you been looking for a place to unwind after work and perhaps do some networking? Look no further than The Stack. Founded by husband and wife team Nigel Pace and Sarah Ord, this quirky members club meets restaurant meets bar is taking Cape Town by storm. Check out their

Entrepreneur Yogo Business Story

Entrepreneur Story: Wild Thing

Not everyone gets to do what they’re passionate about. After working office jobs, 24-year-old Lexi and Dom decided to take the leap, do what they love and open up their own yoga studio. We chatted to them about how Wild Thing came to be, the challenges of being a young

Entrepreneur Story Lakota Inspirations

Entrepreneur Story: Lakota Inspirations

Latasha (23) and Joshua (27) are the brains behind Native American jewellery and accessories brand, Lakota Inspirations and they’ve shared with us their challenges and advice for fellow young entrepreneurs, as well as how Yoco has helped their business grow. Together they’ve built their business on customer feedback and adding